Breathe Active Sleep & Snore


Breathe Active is clinically proven and the drug-free relief for sleepless nights. Breathe better, sleep better and feel better with Breathe Active Sleep and Snore.

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Is your snoring keeping those around you awake?

Stop snoring with Breathe Active Sleep and Snore and you both can sleep easy.

Breathe Active as seen on TV widens the nasal passages increasing airflow and allowing you to breathe better. Breathe Active is a tiny nose piece made of soft, comfortable silicone that fits discreetly into your nose, gently expanding your air intake up to 70% – 38% better than nasal strips. Clinically proven to reduce snoring Breathe Active is discreet and comfortable. Includes 15 reusable Breathe Active Sleep & Snore.

  • *Clinically proven to reduce snoring by increasing airflow.
  • *Soft, comfortable, and easy to breathe through.